Tourism Ministry to present plan to reduce cost of tourism

The Tourism Ministry announced on Sunday a plan to reduce the cost of vacationing in Israel, largely through easing the building requirements for hotel developers.
The ministry said they will soon publish a booklet on the new regulations, which they said will include the removal of the requirement that hotels build parking lots within their grounds, which they said will expand hotel space.
In addition, the booklet will include new regulations on the building of studio units and suites which it said will give developers more options for hotel construction.
Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov (Yisrael Beitenu) said the plans represent “the first step in implementing the Tourism Ministry's policy to reduce the cost of vacationing in Israel by 20%,” adding that such steps will attract more international hotel brands and encourage competition in the hospitality industry in Israel.
The press release on Sunday said that in order to bring more international hotel chains into the Israeli market, they will allow for up to 50% expansion in room unit size and allow developers to devote 600 meters or up to 40% of their total area of their property to commercial space.