Toy phone battery removed from baby's stomach in the nick of time

Toy phone battery remove

The life of a 15-month-old baby girl who played with a toy cellular phone and swallowed the button battery inside was saved Tuesday at Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot. Surgeons removed the battery in an operation that required general anesthesia. Karnit, mother of the Yavneh baby, named Tzlil, said that the door to the battery chamber apparently opened while she was playing with it. After swallowing it, "she cried and was upset. Her lips started to turn blue, so we rushed her to Kaplan's emergency room." They performed an x-ray and successful fished out the small battery in the operating room. Dr. Michal Korey, a pediatric gastroenterologist, said she clearly saw the battery on the x-ray, located inside Tzlil's stomach. The battery was removed using an optic fiber introduced through the mouth with a net that caught the battery. If the girl had been brought in later, and the battery got stuck to the inside of the stomach, an electric circuit and current could have been create causing a serious burn. In addition, if stomach acid had caused the chemicals to seep out of the battery into her stomach, the baby could have been severe harmed.