Trajtenberg offers solutions for contract workers dispute

Chairman of the committee for socioeconomic change Prof. Manuel Trajtenberg offered a solution to the issue of the employment of contract workers, Army Radio reported Tuesday.
The status of contract workers has been at the center of an ongoing dispute between the Treasury and the Histadrut labor federation for months, and is  the cause of a general strike expected to begin Wednesday. The Histadrut says it wants to put an end to the practice of employing cleaners and maintenance personnel on a contractual basis, by transferring them into direct employment. The Treasury says it supports improving the labor conditions of contract workers, but rejects discontinuing the practice altogether.
"The workers must be guaranteed a fair wage that allows a decent living, full social rights and the right to form professional labor organizations," Trajtenberg said in a meeting with IMF representatives. At the same time, Trajtenberg added, "employers must be given flexibility in managing the works force."
He said that he regrets the general strike that is due to begin, but expressed hope that, "it is still possible to  bridge the gaps."