Transportation minister: Israel to update speed limits

Transportation Minister Yisrael Katz announced on Sunday that he was adopting the recommendations of a special committee that investigated Israel’s speed limits and in the upcoming weeks would update the permissible limits to better reflect the road’s safety levels.
According to the new directives, the speed limit on roads that featured a high safety ranking would be increased by 10 kilometers per hour while the limit on some local and regional roads will be decreased.
According to the newly approved directives, the speed limits on Highway 1 from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, Highway 431 from Modi'in to Rishon Letzion and Highway 4, between Rishon Letzion will increase from 100kph to 110 kph.
Speed limits on Highway 2, from Tel Aviv to Haifa, Highway 5, Highway 40 and the Ayalon freeway will increase from 90 kph to 100 kph.
In other places like Tel Aviv’s Namir Road and Beersheba's Ben Gurion Boulevard, the limit will drop by 10 kph.