Two Israelis attacked at a Berlin disco

Two young Israelis were violently attacked in a Berlin disco because of their nationality, a Berlin police spokesman told the Jerusalem Post on Monday. The nature of the attack prompted the police to issue a statement terming the event as “anti-Semitic.”
According to statements from two male Israelis, aged 18 and 22, a Palestinian man was responsible for the violent assault. The man asked the 22-year-old Israeli about his nationality, who then replied that he was a citizen of Israel. The Palestinian perpetrator choked the 22-year-old and punched him in the face. A  Berlin police statement said that as the 18-year-old Israeli rushed to help his struggling friend he was also struck by the Palestinian.
The assault took place in the Berlin district of Friedrichshain, a location popular among young Germans and Israelis for its lively bar and club culture.