Two-year-old rescued from locked car in hospital parking lot

A Magen David Adom team recovered a two-year-old boy in a state of unconsciousness from his parents' locked car in the Asaf Harofeh Hospital parking lot on Sunday afternoon. According to an initial probe, the toddler and his father were waiting in the car for the mother to return from a "brief" medical examination at the Tzrifin hospital. When the mother was delayed, the father set out to locate her, leaving the child alone in the vehicle. According to his testimony, the father took care not to close the windows, so that the child would not suffocate or suffer from heat exhaustion. However, the car's alarm mechanism appears to have caused the windows to close. An MDA team passing by noticed the trapped child, which at that point was unconscious, and whisked him from the car to the hospital's intensive care unit, where his condition stabilized. Ramle police were investigating.