UK's Cameron: PA's only path to statehood is through talks

British Prime Minister David Cameron, at a speech in London to the United Jewish Israel Appeal on Monday, said he wanted to tell Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas something "very clearly: there is no path to statehood except through talks with Israel."
"So if the Palestinian plan is simply posturing with the UN rather than negotiating with Israel, Britain will never support it," he said. Cameron also said that Britain will "never support anyone who sponsors a football tournament named after a suicide bomber who killed 20 Israelis in a restaurant. We will not tolerate incitement to terrorism."
Cameron noted that it has been seven years since the Palestinians voted for  a PA president, and six years since the last parliamentary elections.
"The Palestinian leadership needs to refresh its mandate and show it has the consent of its people, starting with municipal elections later this month," he said. "And it needs to resolve the situation in Gaza and restore to Palestinians a unified, leadership able to deliver peaceful resolution of the conflict with Israel."
Turning to Israel, he said that Israel needed a real drive to improve life for ordinary Palestinians."
"That means more support for economic development in the West Bank, relaxing restrictions on Gaza, ending the demolition of Palestinian homes, and yes, it means meeting Israel’s obligations under the Roadmap and under international law to halt settlement building," he said. "Britain’s position will not change. Settlements beyond the green line are illegal."
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