UN body to probe Fukushima radiation impact

VIENNA - A UN scientific body said onMonday it would study the radiation impact of Japan's nucleardisaster on people and the environment, but it did not expect todetect any major health effects.

The United Nations Scientific Committee on the effects ofAtomic Radiation (UNSCEAR), which has published reports aboutthe 1986 Chernobyl accident, said it would take at least twoyears to produce a full report on the issue.

"Everybody wants answers tomorrow or next week ... but thisis not possible. We need time," UNSCEAR Chairman Wolfgang Weisstold a news conference, adding that preliminary findings wereexpected in May 2012.

"So far what we have seen in the population, what we haveseen in children with thyroid screening, what we have seen inworkers ... we wouldn't expect to see health effects," he said.