UN removes 45 al-Qaida and Taliban names from blacklist

UNITED NATIONS — The United Nations completed its first review of 488 al-Qaida and Taliban names on the sanctions blacklist and removed 45 individuals and entities.
The Security Council in 2008 asked the committee monitoring sanctions to review the 142 Taliban and 346 al-Qaida members on the list at that time.
Austria's UN Ambassador Thomas Mayr-Harting said the committee, which conducted the review, took 10 individuals off the Taliban list and 35 individuals and entities off the al-Qaida list. They included companies based in the United States, Germany, Austria, Yemen, Qatar, Switzerland, Sweden, the Bahamas and Liechtenstein. Eight of the individuals removed from the list had died.
The committee's decisions on de-listing are based on four principles: the person has renounced violence, laid down arms, broken all links with the extremist group and accepted the Afghan Constitution, Mayr-Harting said.