'Unprecedented hack into legal system's holy of holies'

Further arrests are expected in an unprecedented hacking case that exposed some of the most sensitive information in Israel’s legal and law enforcement system, police confirmed on Thursday.
Police Superintendent Yaron Ben-Tzvi, head of the Israel Police Cyber Crimes Unit, told the Jerusalem Post on Thursday that in the coming week’s details would emerge describing to whom the hackers passed on the confidential court documents they accessed, and the effect such violations had on public security.
Ben-Tzvi said that in his 12 years on the beat he has never heard of a case this severe, which managed to penetrate to the heart of the Israeli legal system.
“This was an invasion into the holy of holies of the Israeli court system and the Israel police,” Ben-Tzvi said, clarifying that not only did the suspects have access to classified information dealing with court cases, but also police investigations that were under gag order.