US defense secretary says Afghan surge could happen swiftly

US defense secretary say

US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said any new US forces that US President Barack Obama might send to Afghanistan could move into the country swiftly, despite logistical hassles that force almost all major deliveries of troops and supplies to go by air. His wording suggested that, as expected, Obama soon will approve an increase in the already record US force of 68,000 in Afghanistan. Months of deliberations over the flagging war are ending, with an announcement of a substantial troop increase expected in the next two weeks. "I anticipate that as soon as the president makes his decision, we can probably begin flowing some forces pretty quickly after that," Gates said. Gates and Vice Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the coming troop infusion is a bigger logistical challenge than the Iraq "surge," which added forces at the rate of roughly one brigade a month.