US man exonerated after 35 years behind bars

US man exonerated after

A man who spent 35 years in prison has been freed after DNA evidence exonerated him of raping a child. James Bain spent more time in prison than any of the 245 inmates previously exonerated by DNA evidence nationwide, according to the Innocence Project of Florida. "No, I'm not angry," he said. "Because I've got God." Attorneys from the Innocence Project of Florida got involved in Bain's case earlier this year after he filed several previous petitions asking for DNA testing, all of which were thrown out. A judge finally ordered the tests and the results from a respected private lab in Cincinnati came in last week, setting the wheels in motion for Thursday's hearing. The Innocence Project had called for Bain's release by Christmas. He was convicted largely on the strength of the victim's eyewitness identification, even though testing available at the time did not definitively link him to the crime.