US says plot foiled to buy weapons for Hizbullah

US says plot foiled to b

A federal grand jury in Pennsylvania indicted four men Tuesday for an alleged plot to support Hizbullah through illegal schemes, including buying the group more than 1,000 machine guns. The indictment comes just a day after officials in Philadelphia said they disrupted a similar scheme to acquire anti-aircraft missiles and send them to Syria, although in that case, authorities have yet to accuse anyone of trying to help a specific terror group. The indictment filed Tuesday says two suspects sought to provide roughly 1,200 Colt M4 machine guns to Hizbullah, but their efforts were thwarted by an undercover operative. The plotters allegedly sought to buy the weapons in Philadelphia and ship them to a port in Syria where they eventually were to have been routed to Hizbullah. The indictment charges eight others with lesser offenses related to schemes to traffic in stolen or counterfeit goods. In total, authorities say 13 suspects are in custody and 11 are being sought.