US Senate report says Haiti rebuilding has stalled

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti  — Haiti has made little progress in rebuilding in the five months since its earthquake, because of an absence of leadership, disagreements among donors and general disorganization, a US Senate report said.
Obtained Monday by The Associated Press, the eight-page report is meant to give Congress a picture of Haiti today as US legislators consider authorizing $2 billion to support the country's reconstruction.
That picture is grim: Millions displaced from their homes, rubble and collapsed buildings still dominating the landscape. Three weeks into hurricane season, with tropical rains lashing the capital daily, construction is being held up by land disputes and customs delays while plans for moving people out of tent-and-tarp settlements remain in "early draft form," it says.
The report was written by the staff of US Senator John Kerry, the Massachuetts Democrat who is chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and other Democrats who interviewed US, Haitian, United Nations and other officials and visited resettlement camps, hospitals and schools throughout the quake zone.