'US urged China to stop commodities shipments to Iran'

Washington is trying to encourage China to make its companies aware of potential Iranian nuclear as a result of commodities the Chinese companies have provided Iranian firms involved in Teheran's nuclear program, according to a WikiLeaks document released last week.
The document said that the US is trying to advance a strategy to prevent shipments of commodities "of concern to Iran," and that officials are providing information about dealings between certain Chinese and Iranian firms "in an effort to encourage China to ensure such activities are not continued and to encourage China to adopt a similar proactive strategy of working with their companies to make them aware of potential Iranian procurement in support of its nuclear program."
In the document, a US official highlights specific commodities that he states Iran has been trying to obtain through Chinese companies, including "high-strength aluminum alloys and vacuum pumps." These commodities, the document quotes the official as saying, are included in the "gas centrifuge procurement watch list" that was circulated to Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) and Participating Governments (PGs).