US views of Obama improve with Bin Laden killing

WASHINGTON - The killing of Osama bin Laden has given President Barack Obama a popularity boost, with 39 percent of Americans telling a Reuters/Ipsos online poll that their views of the president's leadership skills have improved.
Forty-two percent of respondents also said they now had a higher opinion of Obama's handling of the war on terrorism. The poll findings, released on Tuesday, show a lift in Obama's standing, hurt recently by high gasoline prices.
Thirty-two percent of Americans think Obama deserves the most credit for the US special forces' assault on Bin Laden's compound in Pakistan, while 13 percent gave credit to former President George W. Bush
Obama had previously suffered criticism that he is not strong enough on national security.
A third of Americans say they are more in favor of holding suspected terrorists without trial at Guantanamo military prison in Cuba since the Bin Laden killing. The poll was conducted on Monday with a 1,010 adults in the United States interviewed online.