Veterans march to PM's residence with Ammunition Hill flag

Veterans from the Six Day War were making their way toward the Prime Minister's Residence with a large flag that flew atop Ammunition Hill. It marked the first time that the flag had been removed from the hilltop since 1967
"For two-and-a-half years we did everything that we could to honor the memories of our fathers" said Alon Vald, the son of Captain Rami Vald who was killed in the Six Day War.
He said that they took the flag down with "pain in our hearts," but added that they found no alternative.
Just before the veterans removed the flag, a tearful veteran begged them not to take it down. "Don't take the flag down" he said. "You simply can't leave this place without a flag. Politics are not the right way, there are dozens of options, just not the flag."