Water probe committee to release final report today

The National Investigation Committee - Regarding the Water Crisis inIsrael will present its final report to the Knesset State ControlCommittee and Supreme Court Dorit Beinisch on Wednesday.
Committeechairman Prof. Dan Bein and his two colleagues Profs. Yoram Avnimelechand Yoav Kislev spent the past year-and-a-half hearing testimonies from115 witnesses ranging from government ministers and officials toexperts to NGO representatives.
It is the first national investigative committee into the water economy.
However, a parliamentary investigative committee looked into the failures of the 90s in 2001. 
Bylaw, the report cannot be released before it is presented to thecommittee and to Beinisch, so details about specific recommendationswere unavailable Tuesday.
The committee members have said thattheir goal was to address the failures of the water economy over thelast ten year and recommend strategies rather than to focus solely onone issue or strategy. As such, the final report will touch on a numberof different relevant topics.