White House: Still time for diplomacy to work on Iran

Amid increased chatter about the possibility of an Israeli strike against Iran's nuclear facilities, White House spokesman Jay Carney said Monday that Washington still believes there is time for diplomatic efforts to stop Tehran's nuclear drive.
"Even as we continue P5+1 talks, multilateral efforts to increase the pressure on Iran have not ceased at all.  The United States continues to work with its partners around the world to increase the scale and scope of sanctions on Iran, as you know, making clear that such pressure will only grow until Iran changes course," Carney stated.
When asked if the White House was concerned that Israel would unilaterally strike Iran, Carney said that the US has "a robust, cooperative relationship with Israel on security matters; we share a great deal of information, and especially about Iran.  And I would say that -- I would point you to remarks that Prime Minister [Binyamin] Netanyahu made not that long ago where he said that they had not yet made a decision about taking action, kinetic action.  And we believe, and certainly share this with our partners, that there remains time and space to pursue a diplomatic course that is backed up by the very firm approach we’ve taken on sanctions. "