Wikipedia founder visits Tel Aviv's tent city

Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, on Sunday visited Tel Aviv's tent city, located on Rothschild boulevard.
"It's wonderful that in the democracy here, people have the right to go out and express their opinion. I do not know if I agree with the protest or not, because I'm not familiar with the economic and social situation in Israel, but the very fact that freedom of speech and discourse are free in Israel is remarkable," Wales said.
"People around the world watch what's going here," Wales continued. "In front of the auditorium in Haifa, where we held the international conference of Wikipedia, there were dozens of tents. And we didn't need to explain to the hundreds of foreigners who were participants what it was, they knew from the Internet and the already existing Wikipedia articles about this protest."
Wales was in Israel for the international Wikipedia conference, Wikimania, which took place in Haifa over the weekend.