Witness in anonymous letter testifies in Maoz trial

The dramatic double murder trial of Daniel Maoz, who is suspected of stabbing his parents to death in August 2011 in their Ramot apartment, took a turn for the surreal on Wednesday as Maoz’s defense lawyers tried to discredit a witness by showing graphic videos and inappropriate songs found in the witness’ smartphone.
Roni Ben Arbon, 38, is accused of aiding Maoz send a letter claiming that an additional anonymous witness saw Nir Maoz leave his parent’s house on the night of the murders.
The letter was sent July 10 to state prosecutor Yuval Kaplinsky, the Jerusalem District Court and Maoz’s defense lawyer David Barhoom. In the letter, obtained by the media, the anonymous tipster writes that he heard screaming and then saw Nir Maoz run out of his parents’ home at 11 p.m.
“There is no way this could be wrong! It was definitely Nir Maoz,” the tipster wrote.