Witness on TA car rampage: 'Driver got out and went crazy'

Witnesses said the truck driver who struck cars in Tel Aviv on Sunday, killing one person, went on a rampage, slamming into cars, a bus and pedestrians along a two-km (1-mile) stretch of road, at the start of the Israeli work week in Tel Aviv, Israel's commercial hub.
"We heard terrible slamming behind us in the car -- boom, and another boom and another boom -- until it reached us, and we simply flew up in the air," a witness, identified only as Yossi, said on Army Radio.
"He went on and crashed into a bus. He got out and began to go crazy, throwing things at people. There was this poor innocent girl -- he struck her on the head. She just fell down, and now people are treating her. What can I tell you? A terrorist attack."