Woman sets herself on fire, suffers serious burns

A 37-year-old woman is hospitalized in serious condition in Beilinson Hospital after she doused herself in flammable liquid and set herself on fire Wednesday morning, Central District police said.
The district spokeswoman said that the woman, who torched herself outside the gates of the hospital, is most likely mentally disturbed and that police don't believe that she carried out the act as a political protest of any sort.
Israel has seen a string of incidents where citizens set themselves on fire in public, ever since Haifa resident Moshe Silman set himself on fire in Tel Aviv after a social justice protest on July 14th. Silman and one other man who set himself alight, Akiva Mapai, both died of their wounds.
In most instances, which have taken place in post offices or offices of the National Insurance Institute, the police have characterized the people as suffering from mental or emotional problems.