Ya'alon: Fall of Assad could break 'axis of evil'

Vice Premier Moshe Ya'alon on Sunday rejected the notion that Israel supports the continuation of Syrian President Bahsar Assad's regime, saying that the fall of the autocratic leader could "break the axis of evil with Iran and Hezbollah."
Ya'alon said in an interview with Army Radio that he did not believe an Islamist regime would take power in Syria in the event of Assad's fall.
"There is a big difference between Egypt and Syria," Ya'alon stated, saying that the Muslim Brotherhood was much weaker in Syria. The strategic affairs minister said that he envisions a government led by intellectuals and generals taking control of the country eventually.
Ya'alon was critical of the UN Security Council's failure to pass a resolution calling for Assad's ouster over the weekend, saying that it demonstrated Russia and China's "hypocrisy" and the priority they place on their own interests.
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