Yacimovich to EU heads in Brussels: Increase Iran sanctions

Labor chair Shelly Yacimovich on Wednesday told EU diplomats that international sanctions on Iran were working and called on EU countries to increase efforts to convince Iran to relinquish its illicit nuclear program.
Speaking in Brussels, Yacimovich said "in recent days we are witness to economic and social protests in Iran, which are a direct result of economic sanctions."
She added: "You now hold the keys. Your job is to increase these sanctions, because the more pressure there is on Iran, the larger the potential is for Iran to give up its nuclear program."
Yacimovich also addressed problems in the global economy, and took the opportunity to attack "unbridled capitalism" as the cause of financial collapse. "Even in Israel we are learning this," she said. "The idea that government is the problem and a free market the solution has been proven false."