Yad Sarah: Gas hikes hurt voluntary organizations, disabled

Voluntary organizations like Yad Sarah strongly oppose the sharp increase in gasoline prices because - unlike private businesses - they are not compensated for taxes on petrol. Yad Sarah, the nationwide organization for the ill, elderly and disabled, said on Monday that it suffers from such increases because it has a fleet of 40 Nechonit vans for transporting the wheelchair bound and trucks for supplying medical equipment to branches.
Yad Sarah said it purchases some 40,000 liters of gas monthly or half a million a year, each of which will soon cost NIS 8. Already, its annual gasoline bill is NIS 3 million.
As it operates on contributions, it was forced to raise its charge for Nechonit vans - which is subsidizes to the tune of 50 percent - by NIS 10 the last time gas prices rose. The charge by a private ambulance company is three times higher for the same distance, Yad Sarah vehicle branch head Yoel Levy said.
Every Nechnot travels 65,000 kilometers yearly, and three trucks move medical equipment for lending out among its 100 branches.