Yesh Atid cashes in with NIS 25.84 in gov't campaign funds

Now that the elections are over, parties are cashing in or discovering they're in debt, with the government preparing to pay back campaign funds per MK in the new Knesset.
After the 18th Knesset was dissolved, the Central Election Committee set a NIS 163.2 million budget for the campaign funding.
Yesh Atid will get NIS 25.84 million – NIS 1.36 per MK and 15 percent of the budget – making it not only a big party, but a rich one.
The Bayit Yehudi will get NIS 16.32 million from the campaign budget, Shas NIS 14.96 million, UTJ 9.52 million, and Meretz and The Tzipi Livni Party NIS 8.16 million each.
At the same time, parties disappointed by the outcome of last week's election may have trouble covering their expenses.
Likud Beytenu will receive NIS 42.16 million, while NIS 20.4 million will go to Labor, but both parties still have debts from previous election campaigns.
Kadima's two legislators in the 19th Knesset bring in only NIS 2.72 million, making it difficult for them to pay heavy debts from the previous Knesset, in which the party had 28 members.
The 19 parties that did not pass the 2% election threshold will have to pay back advances they were given by the Central Election Committee.
Parties made up of MKs from the 18th Knesset that received less than 2% of the vote will have to pay only 60% of the advance they received. MKs Michael Ben-Ari and Arieh Eldad's Strong Israel got NIS 2.72 million, and MK Haim Amsalem's Am Shalem was given 1.36.
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