Yesha Council: Obama giving in to Palestinian threats

US President Barack Obama's speech at the General Assembly was described as "giving in to Palestinian threats to walk out of the negotiating table if their preconditions are not met," by Yesha Council Chairman Danny Dayan in a press release on Thursday.
"If President Obama wants to be perceived as an honest broker in this process, he should make clear to Mr. Abbas and his colleagues that threats, blackmail and preconditions are not acceptable,” Dayan said in the statement.
“The relationship between the United States and Israel has always been built on unwavering American support for the interests of the Jewish State,” the chairman said.
“While we respect all international leaders desire to see a peaceful conclusion to this conflict, the President’s comments reflect an unprecedented desire to impede in Israel’s right to embrace our national destiny to build and care for the needs of our families and children," he added. “The only real difference that the freeze has made has been in denying the legitimate right for the growth of our communities.” 
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