Yishai: IDF does not want haredim in its ranks

Interior Minister Eli Yishai (Shas) on Wednesday morning said that the IDF does not want haredim (ultra-orthodox) in its ranks, and that he is therefore not worried that the new unity coalition will draw up legislation to draft significantly more haredim into military service.
Under the coalition agreement signed Tuesday, the “Tal Law” will be replaced with a Kadima-led, government-sponsored Basic Law requiring all citizens to perform military or civilian service, with changes suggested by the Likud. Both parties agreed to pass a law to ensure “equal and fair distribution of the burden of IDF service between the parts of Israel’s population” by July 31, the day the Tal Law will expire, according to the High Court of Justice.
Speaking to Army Radio, Yishai repeated a claim he has made a number of times recently that there are thousands of haredi citizens waiting to be drafted into the IDF, along with thousands of haredi reservists waiting to be called up. "The IDF does not want haredim," Yishai said.
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