Yishai working to have ID cards state one's religion

Interior Minister Eli Yishai (Shas) is working to change ID cards so that they state one's religion, while preventing non-Orthodox converts from being defined on them as Jews.
It was the same Yishai in the same capacity who nearly ten years ago ordered that the nationality clause, which stated the ID bearer's religion, be removed from the cards, following a High Court of Justice ruling in 2002 ordering that his ministry note Reform and Conservative converts as Jews. Since then all IDs issued bear eight small stars on the nationality line, instead of a religion.
According to the Channel 2 report Monday night, those who are defined Jews on their ID cards (issued up to 2002) will retain that wording, but new converts will not be eligible to it. It remained unclear what a non-Orthodox convert might be defined under the nationality clause. The report added that officials in the Justice Ministry involved in the initiative were opposed to it.
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