Yitzhak 'Heshy' Hadif indicted for extortion

The Tel Aviv District Attorney's Office filed an indictment on Tuesday against five men, including former underworld boss Yitzhak "Heshy" Hadif, charging them with extortion.
The 42-year-old, formerly known as the "head of the Pardes Katz gang", was indicted alongside four others - his nephew Yosef Hadif (22), his brother Shalom Hadif (48), Shai Harari (21) and Yitzhak Saliman (25).
The five men are alleged to have taken advantage of a financial dispute in which they were not involved, and began to blackmail the complainant, Eliyahu Akva, using threats and force in order to compel him to pay the money he owed.
The extortion began, the indictment says, when the man to whom Akva owed money filed a police complaint against him for fraud and even turned to consumer affairs TV show 'Kolbotek' for help. When 'Kolbotek' broadcast an episode about the matter, the five defendants allegedly decided to blackmail Akva, threatening him to give them money to pay off his debt.
The defendants received about NIS 7,000 from Akva, the indictment alleges, but did not give any of that money to his creditor.
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