Zuaretz to PM: Include women on peace negotiating team

MK Orit Zuaretz (Kadima) appealed on Wednesday to Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to include women in the peace negotiating team.
In a letter addressed to the prime pinister, while congratulating him on his steps to get the peace process moving, Zuaretz reminds him of an amendment to the Women's Equal Rights Law of four years ago, which stipulates that in any committee formulating public policy, including peace negotiating teams, appropriate representation of women must be assured. In line with UN resolution 1325.
"Since you have set up a commission for the promotion of women's equality and appointed a deputy minister for women's affairs," she writes, "I believe women's rights matter to you on every issue, and you are interested in making women's voices heard."
Accordingly, Zuaretz said she expected the prime minister to include women on the negotiating team from start to finish.