Analysis: Winter body armor

Your immune system could use a little boost during the winter months, and Hizukit supposedly provides you with that.

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hizukit 88
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Your immune system could use a little boost during the winter months, and Hizukit supposedly provides you with that. Hizukit, a natural supplement containing Echinacea, Propolis, Vitamin C, Astralagus and Zinc, is now available in chewable tablet form. The Hizukit Chew is suitable for adults and older children; you should take two to three a day. The price for a box of 60 tablets is NIS 69.50. For those who like to watch television in bed, Fried bed-linen stores have a good deal that makes you want to snuggle under the covers. If you buy a winter blanket (single or double size), you can buy a "TV pillow" - a big pillow you can put up against a wall or headboard - for just NIS 99 instead of the usual NIS 189. Honey can be used in many products, not only those that are edible. Cr ma has a new cream wash and body lotion with a honey fragrance, so now you won't have to soak in a bath filled with milk and honey, as women used to do, but can let Cr ma products do the job. The products do smell delicious, even though they didn't necessarily remind me of honey. Cr ma's cream wash and body lotion are Vitamin E enriched, and the cream wash contains 25% moisturizer. The price for a 500 ml. bottle of body lotion is NIS 33, and a 750 ml. bottle of cream wash is NIS 22. Chess is quite a difficult game and it takes time to master the rules. A new book called Learn Chess in 30 Lessons (in Hebrew) will help you, or your children, to play the game properly. The book contains 186 pages, with explanatory diagrams; it explains the rules, and contains detailed explanations, diagrams and exercises. You can get the book at Steimatzky or other bookstores for NIS 129. Feminine hygiene pads are constantly being improved, if you can believe all the ads. Both Kotex and Always have new and improved versions on the shelves. Kotex White now absorbs fluids better, for a fresher and dryer feeling. The Kotex pads are still recognizable by their white wrapping decorated with a red flower, and the price for a package - available in sizes normal, normal plus, super plus and night plus - is NIS 19.90. Always pads now have butterfly-shaped wings, providing better protection; the price for a package is NIS 26. Kids will have lots of fun with Window Stickers made by Omega. The package contains five tubes of paint, some drawings you can use (you can also use your imagination), and nylon. You need to put the nylon sheet over the drawing, paint on the nylon, let it dry for 24 hours, peel off the nylon, and apply the sticker to a window or other surface. The set is available in stationary stores or arts and crafts outlets for NIS 48. SanoKal Bio is a new stain remover you can add to your detergent, if necessary, for a cleaner wash. The remover doesn't contain bleach, and is suitable for colored wash and clothes that are sensitive to bleaching products. SanoKal Bio can also be used as a pre-wash; a 800 gr. container is NIS 25. Elite's Tupuchips gives you a chance this month to win one of the slick new iPod Nanos, a trendy and expensive MP3 player (worth NIS 1,400) compatible with PC and Macintosh computers. Inside every bag, you will find a card with a code, which you can send by telephone, Internet or SMS; every hour there is a winner (except on Shabbat); your chances to win are still pretty slim, but you could give it a try. The Mega and Super Center supermarkets are celebrating an "Import Month" in February, and are selling over 100 new products imported from Italy, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria , Thailand, Taiwan, China, Germany, Sweden, Finland and the US. Examples are antipasti from Italy, almond cookies from the States, Wasabi peas from Thailand, or vegetable chips from Taiwan. Neka has some new creamy soap bars, supposedly suitable for the Israeli climate. The soaps are enriched with extracts from fruits that are among the seven species of the land: grape, fig, pomegranate and olive; they contain 33% moisturizer. One bar is NIS 3.5. A new cook book that will give you ideas for relatively simple but hearty meals is Food - That's All (in Hebrew), by Galia Katz. The book concentrates on the main meal of the day (lunch, for most people), and contains recipes for homey, no-nonsense meals such as egg-drop chicken soup, stuffed cabbage or pepper, fish (also gefilte fish), chicken, rice dishes, and pies. The cook book is available in bookstores for NIS 87. Green & Blue makes fragrance bags filled with soap slivers that will keep your closets and drawers smelling fresh for a long time. Green & Blue spa products are made from natural material only, on the basis of olive oil, mud from the Dead Sea, salts and plant extracts. The soap slivers come in fragrances such as rose, citrus fruit, tangerine, lemon, grapefruit or lavender; they are sold by weight, and you can find them in soap stores, health food stores or gift stores. The price for a 150 gr. bag is NIS 16. If you buy a two-kilo bag of Tide laundry detergent, good for 45 washes, you will receive a storage container free. On the container you will see the Tide logo, and the details of a new campaign called Super Ima. Those kids who think they have the most wonderful mother can participate in a contest and send stories, songs, drawings, etc. to the Internet site On February 28 (the Israeli Mother's Day), a Super Ima will be chosen, who will win a trip to Disneyland with her family. The Tide container and detergent will be sold until the end of the month for NIS 24. Mega Bloks has new scary stuff for kids who like pirate adventure stories, such as Sinbad the Sailor or Treasure Island. A kit consisting of a big scary-looking pirate head plus blocks to assemble a pirate, a boat and an island, among others, together with an adventure CD, is NIS 79.90; bigger kits let you build pirate ships, pirate villages, a smuggler's fort, treasure boxes, pirates, etc. Prices for the Mega Blok kits vary from NIS 49.90 to NIS 499.90.