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Osem moved forward with the launch of its new logistics center.

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AMERICAN BUSINESS tycoon Sheldon Adelson has been in the news for close to two years about efforts to acquire the financially ailing daily tabloid Maariv. There were also reports about negotiations between Maariv and Haaretz. Now, Globes reports that Len Blavatnik, chairman of Access Industries is also interested in acquiring Maariv Holdings Ltd., and has apparently expressed willingness to match the $90 million offer reportedly made by Adelson. Blavatnik is represented in Israel by Zvi Hefetz and Adelson by Dan Raviv. Meanwhile The New Yorker, in a feature story on Adelson reported that a source close to the Mozes family which owns Maariv rival Yediot Aharonot said that if Adelson acquires Maariv, Yediot will have to hold an IPO to raise sufficient funds to compete against Adelson, who is apparently keen to establish a strong foothold in the media both in Israel and the US. It has long been known that Adelson is a keen supporter of Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu, and it has frequently been reported in the Israeli media that Adelson launched his freebee daily tabloid Yisrael Hayom (Israel Today) to propel Netanyahu back into the Prime Minister's seat. The paper is full of venomous anti-Olmert diatribe along with over-the-top pro-Netanyahu articles, which may cause voters in the next Knesset elections to wonder whether Netanyahu, if his party wins, will be Adelson's puppet, or in Israeli terms, Adelson's poodle. AN ISRAELI company which has developed an internet search engine with click and play access to literally millions of works of music by obscure as well as popular performers, plans to be the major music search engine in the world., currently in its running-in phase, is the brainchild of Dedi Schwartz, Uzi Dvir and Idan Harel. A word of warning to surfers: turn off your other electrical appliances before you go for this one. I experienced two power outages when trying to listen to one of the many choices, and only after disconnecting other electrical appliances, and breathing a sigh of relief that my computer hadn't crashed in the process, was I able to restore the power to my computer. AFTER TWO years as CEO of Radlan Computer Communications, a wholly owned subsidiary of Marvell which acquired it in 2003 and in 2007 renamed it Marvell Software Solutions, Yuval Cohen, who rose to the position of Deputy World President of Marvel, has joined Pitango as an independent partner in the investment division. Pitango is one of the country's leading venture capital enterprises and has helped more than 100 companies in seed, early development and expansion phases. It manages funds in excess of $1.3 billion. Cohen will specialize in communications and telecommunications. Prior to joining Pitango, Cohen who has first and second degrees with honors in electrical engineering from Tel Aviv University, filled several senior management positions at Radlan before it was acquired by Marvell, after which he was appointed deputy CEO of Marvel and later CEO of Radlan. In the course of his career, he developed several patents and wrote numerous articles which have appeared in academic publications and textbooks on mathematics and electronic engineering. MORE THAN 120 business leaders and entrepreneurs will be on hand on July 2 at Ben Gurion University to meet BGU students at this year's project day (including the faculties of engineering, natural sciences, health and more). Business leaders in the field such as Yoram Yaacovi, CTO and General Manager, Innovation Labs, New ILDC; Microsoft-Israel's Zvi Yemini, CEO of Polymer Logistics; Steffi Czerny, Managing Director, Hubert Burda Media Marketing & Communications GmbH; Udi Barel, Director of Development, Freescale; Dr. Aaron Schwartz, vice-president of Global Product Marketing, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd; Prof. Yuval Elovici, Director of the Deutsche Telekom-BGU Laboratories, BGU Department of Information Systems Engineering; and many others will be on hand to view innovations and to scout for potential additions to the human resources of their various companies. THE GENIAL but always efficient Jeremy Ruden is leaving his post as Director of International Media Relations at the InterDisciplinary Center, Herzliya. IDC spokesperson Dana Navot will be handling his duties in the immediate future and may possibly continue in the position if the additional work load is not too much for one person to handle. IT'S NOT as if Israel's food industry, particularly a veteran company like Osem was trailing behind in high tech, but with developments in high tech moving at the pace they do, there's always room for improvement in any enterprise with high tech reliance. Thus Osem moved forward with the launch last week of its new logistics center. Among those who came to congratulate the Propper family and the Osem management were Industry, Trade and Labor Ministry Eli Yishai and some of the country's leading industrials and businesspeople such as Izzy Borovich, Erez Vigodman, Amikam Cohen, Israel Makov, Effie Rosenhois, Moshe Wertheim who had his own grand Coca Cola party the previous week, and many others. Propper said that this was the realization of a dream that inspires hope in anyone who believes in hard work and honesty. FOR THE fourth time in a twelve year span, Castro has been chosen by the Israel Olympic Committee to design the official uniforms for the Israeli Olympic team. The uniforms which are fashionable and trendy feature white jackets and pants over horizontally striped blue and white shirts. They will be worn by officials and athletes to all official events in Beijing, and are sufficiently stylish to be worn as ensembles or as separates after the games are over. The investment in the uniforms is more than NIS 100,000. In addition Castro Men is producing a men's athletic line in conjunction with Speedo. Castro's deputy marketing manager Yfat Karnisaid that Castro as a popular Israeli brand was happy and proud to provide the uniforms for the Israeli Olympic team that was going to Beijing, and delighted to be part of the Israeli symbol of excellence. What she didn't say was whether the production of the uniforms would be in Israel or in China.