Creating an art from what others throw away

Joseph Weiss saw a model made out of cans and thought, 'I can do that.'

Joseph Weiss 224.63 (photo credit: Ehud Zion Waldoks)
Joseph Weiss 224.63
(photo credit: Ehud Zion Waldoks)
By day, Joseph Weiss works for EL AL. By night, he creates amazing models out of used Coca Cola cans. The cheery red cans and creativity bring a smile to one's face. "I went to a Red Bull exhibition, where people had made a model out of Red Bull cans, about four or five years ago. I thought to myself, and please pardon the immodesty, I can do that, and maybe even better than they can," Weiss told The Jerusalem Post Wednesday at an exhibit of ecological and recycled art at the 12th annual CleanTech Exhibition in Airport City. Weiss, 54, has created a miniature working guitar, a horse and buggy, a motorcyclist jumping an obstacle, and between 70 to 80 other models out of cans, according to the artist's own count. The details and artistry are exquisite. Some of them have moving parts, including a car door that opens and a grand piano lid that swings open and shut. Weiss said each model can take dozens of hours to make. Just down from his table, Naomi Greenberg showed off her creations - ceramics created out of broken objects that people threw away. A chess set had an inlay of words from plates that had been cracked and discarded. For a ceramic table, she used bits of shattered cups to create a pattern of little women. "For big orders I buy ceramics, but for the stuff I make myself I just use the pieces people threw away," Greenberg said. Also at the event was Sigal Magen, offering copies of her illustrated children's book about a "green" kindergarten, which introduces recycling and other environmental concepts in an easy to understand and humorous way. "It's based on a real 'green' kindergarten in Shoham near here," Magen said. Also on display were aprons made out of plastic bags and recycled glass clocks set into old frying pans.