Hanukka wares: Dreidels, hanukkiot and, of course, gelt

During Hanukka some stores offer special reductions as a way of giving out holiday gelt.

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During Hanukka some stores offer special reductions as a way of giving out holiday gelt. The Nerot BeShenkin stores will have a different product on sale at a 25 percent reduction on each day of the holiday. For example, on Sunday, December 25, you can buy a set of four square candles in two fragrances for NIS 37 instead of NIS 49 and on Wednesday, December 28, a jar of carrot body cream will go for NIS 57 instead of NIS 76. The Beadart store in Tel Aviv, where you can find many nice necklaces and bracelets, etc., will offer a coupon towards your next purchase worth 20% of the amount you spend in the store during Hanukka. Although the holiday shows that your kids will want to see, such as the "Festigal," "A Song is Born?," "Tarzan and Jane," etc., could cost you a fortune, there are some ways to reduce prices. If you have an Isracard credit card, you can get tickets at a reduced price by using your stars (reward-points). The "Festigal" will then cost NIS 39 a ticket plus 230 stars, and "A Song is Born" will be NIS 49 plus 220 stars. For those who do not have an Isracard but still want to see "A Song is Born," it might be worthwhile to buy two Sano products (including Crema, Kef, Baby Kef, and Orbitol products) at a Supersol, Cosmos, Hypernetto store, or through the Netsal delivery service. You will then get a coupon to buy two tickets to this show for NIS 99; the deal is valid until the end of the month. Hanukka is associated with the miracle of the oil, but instead of using it to light a holiday flame, a few local spas have a different use. The Lovender Spa in Kohav Yair is offering an oil massage that includes pouring warm oil on what they call the "third eye" - a sensitive spot on your forehead. The 75-minute massage treatment is NIS 270. Also offered at this spa for the occasion is a Greek pedicure (since those Greeks are also associated with this holiday, although in a less positive light). The 60-minute treatment includes a foot bath with oils and salts, and foot massage. The pedicure is NIS 100 and a combination of the massage and pedicure is NIS 350. And if you're thinking about what to do on Sylvester (New Year's) eve, which falls this year during Hanukka, the Lovender Spa has a "Love is in the Air" treatment-for-two, including a Jacuzzi, a 50-minute massage, chocolate fondue and a cocktail. The price per couple is NIS 550. The Clay Spa in Tel Aviv is offering a Sylvester celebration for NIS 550-a- person that includes massages, alcoholic drinks (including champagne), a t-shirt and hat, and samples of cosmetic products. At the end of the evening, you will receive a CD with pictures of the event. The Zen Spa in Ra'anana has an "Unforgettable Sylvester Night" if you're interested in having the spa all to yourself (and your partner) from 9 p.m. until midnight. For the occasion, the spa will be lit with candlelight, you will receive a 90-minute treatment and a sushi and champagne meal. On Sylvester night itself, this treat-for-two will set you back NIS 2,000. On a normal weekday, the price is NIS 1,500. At the I.D. Design stores, you can admire a collection of fine-art hanukkiot made by Israeli designers - among them menorahs constructed of puzzle pieces or coins - available for purchase. The exhibit lasts until January 3 and prices vary from NIS 119 to NIS 1,200. Another exhibition of hanukkiot is found in the Gan HaShlosha national park near Kibbutz Nir David, where 20 hanukkiyot by artist Rahel Ortal are on display. Gan HaShlosha is also offering several activities for families during the holiday. The entrance ticket is NIS 33 for an adult and NIS 20 for a child, and a combination ticket for this park and the nearby GanGuru kangaroo park is NIS 48 for an adult and NIS 38 for a child. If you still need to buy more hanukkiot, you can take advantage of a deal offered by the HaTsorfim stores, where selected silver menorahs are sold at a 30% discount and prices start at NIS 560. A cheap and fun menorah for kids can be found at the Toys 'R' Us stores, where a metal hanukkia in the shape of a box, decorated with Pooh and Tigger or Mickey Mouse and friends is only NIS 15. For those who want an organic hanukkia, the Zer4U flower stores offer some interesting combinations of flowers, branches and candles; the prices for these Hannukiot are NIS 329 or NIS 390. They must be ordered in advance (1-700-500-800) - and they're only good for this year. Danon makes original hanukkiot, shaped like a necklace of connected stars of David, figures of children, or flowers. These menorahs are available in selected gift stores for NIS 150. Another item you need for the holiday is a dreidel (top), which comes in all kinds of elaborate or simple versions your kids will enjoy. Silver dreidels, meant more for display than for real play, are on sale for NIS 71 at the HaTsorfim stores. Danon makes dreidels that are nicely decorated with colored stones, sold for NIS 40 in selected gift stores. For kids who know how to spin, the Shvoong made by Duncan is an appropriate gift. This top can be spun around in different ways. A sheet explaining different tricks is added to the game. The Shvoong is available at selected toy stores for NIS 39.90. If you want to surprise someone abroad with a beautiful season's greetings card, Palphot has a variety for sale, all featuring landscapes of Israel, and made in the Holy Land. Besides the landscapes and pictures of Jerusalem and Christian holy places, Palphot also has cards featuring Santa Claus; cards that play a tune when you open them; or cards decorated with glitters. Prices range from NIS 4 to NIS 12 a piece. To celebrate the holidays, you can raise a glass of excellent Gamla wine from the Golan wineries. And if you cannot decide which wine to get, you have the option of getting a box of six different Gamla wines, red and white. If you buy this festive box, you will receive six wine glasses and a booklet with recipes for free. The deal is valid as long as supplies last and is available in wine stores. Regular measuring cups with the measurements written on the outside require you to lift up the cup and see how much you poured, but the Cook Store sells a handy measuring cup with the measurements written on the inside. This way, you see exactly what you're doing. The cup, made of hard plastic, has an interesting design, and comes in three different sizes. The price for the Oxo measuring cup varies from NIS 44.90 to NIS 94.90. The Carmel Rugs have a good sale on their Disney rugs for children's rooms from last year's stock, sold at 50% off to make room for their new collection. A 170 cm. by 117 cm. rug is now NIS 298, and a big rug of 160 cm. by 235 cm. now goes for NIS 564 (instead of NIS 1,128). The deal is valid until the end of the month. Life, the private label of the SuperPharm stores, now sells thermometers in five different colors. The thermometers come in two different versions - one of them with a flexible tip, especially suitable for taking the temperature rectally of babies and little children. The thermometers keep the results of the last few measurements in its memory and give quick results after just 10 seconds. The prices for the digital thermometers are NIS 27-30. The Opticana eye glasses stores sell eye glass cleaning spray in a container that is shaped like a pen. The metallic green "pen" can easily be put in your pocket book. The price for this eye glass cleaner is NIS 25, and you can get a free refill at one of the Opticana stores when it's finished. A new product for fresh breath is the VeriFresh kit, consisting of a fresh breath gel and a tongue cleaner. You will have to put some gel on head of the tongue cleaner, and scrape it from the rear of the tongue forward. This requires a little practice, because if you put it in wrong it can make you gag. The gel has a pleasant mint flavor, not too strong, and contains tea tree leaf oil, with antibacterial and antiseptic properties. The VeriFresh kit is available at selected pharmacies for NIS 22-23, or two for NIS 40. If you want to drink a nice latte, but are in a hurry to take it with you, you can get a nice looking, stainless steel thermos cup at The Coffee Bean cafes for NIS 39. The cups have the logo of The Coffee Bean printed on them, and it will keep your coffee warm on your way to work, or in the car. The store now offers a free coffee to those who purchase a thermos mug. The deal lasts until the end of the month.