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Aroma Israel, the highly successful chain of coffee shops, aims to be as well known for its ice cream as for its coffee.

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AT THE official opening in Jerusalem of the 13th hotel in the Dan chain, Mickey Federmann, the chain's chairman, wondered aloud what his late father and uncle, Yekutiel and Sammo Federmann, the founders of the Dan chain, would have said if they could see the ultra-modern billiard table in the hotel's lobby bar. Similarly, this columnist wonders what Yekutiel and Sammo Federmann would have said about the absence of chopped liver at the Sabbath buffet of the Dan chain's flagship hotel, the King David, which charges exorbitant prices for Sabbath meals. When guests complained at the absence of the chopped liver, waiters were under the impression that someone had forgotten to bring out the platter. But when they went to the kitchen they were told that there was no chopped liver. Likewise, there was initially no gefilte fish on the table until a guest complained. It took another 10 minutes for a waiter to bring a platter, but by that time, at least 50 diners had already taken whatever was available - which wasn't much compared to what is served at other hotels in the capital. Those who live by tradition, missed out. The new hotel in the chain is a boutique hotel with 129 rooms and five suites. It is located on the site of what was formerly the Ariel Hotel. The idea of putting a billiard table in the lobby was that of Daniel Federmann, third-generation hotelier, who is the son of Mickey and Leora Federmann and acts as assistant to the hotel's general manager. The redesign of the hotel was the inspiration of architect Roni Federmann, the wife of Daniel's older brother, David Federmann. Roni Federmann is the official architect for the Dan chain and works closely with fellow architect Michael Azoulai. The cost of revamping the Ariel was NIS 65 million. The new hotel is one of three Dan hotels in the capital. In addition to the King David, there is also the Dan Panorama, which was formerly the Moriah. All three hotels are within easy walking distance of each other and close to shops, entertainment and public transport. AROMA ISRAEL, the highly successful chain of coffee shops, aims to be as well known for its ice cream as for its coffee. Aroma has entered into an agreement with the Italian ice cream company, Aldo, to produce a series of ice creams under the Aroma brand name. The range will also include sugarless ice creams. The initial investment in Aroma Ice Cream will be NIS 1m., and if it becomes a popular product the investment will increase. Initially there will be three choices: vanilla, mango sorbet and coffee. If the new additions are well received by the public more flavors will surface in the future. SEVERAL ISRAELI organizations and institutions have begun marketing the concept of philanthropy. Aside from wanting to promote the idea of giving for the greater good, some of these organizations are marketing their own raison d'etre or their pet projects. Israel is marketing the development of the Negev and actively looking for foreign and local investors. If the Negev is to become the southern hub of Israeli hi-tech, it has to be able to include qualified personnel as the human assets in its marketing strategies. Moreover it has to provide adequate education facilities for people living in the area to want to stay there to study. Toward this end, Keren Hayesod (United Israel Appeal), which collects funds from a large segment of the Jewish world and part of the non-Jewish world, has announced a gift in excess of NIS 5m. for scholarships for students at Sapir College and renovation of shelters. At a ceremony held this week in Kibbutz Kfar Aza, a donation of NIS 1,657,000 for the renovation of shelters along the entire Gaza Strip periphery was presented to the heads and representatives of the local municipal councils in the region by Keren Hayesod chairman Avi Pazner. This project is a joint venture with the Prime Minister's Office. Sapir Academic College President Prof. Ze'ev Tzachor received a check for NIS 3,675,000 to finance scholarships for college students. At the presentation, Pazner said Keren Hayesod is determined to do all that it can to strengthen the residents of Israel's southern confrontation line in their struggle to maintain a reasonably normal lifestyle under the circumstances they live in. Keren Hayesod has been contributing for several years toward reinforcing communities along the Gaza periphery. Over the last two years, Keren Hayesod donors have adopted projects in Sderot, Sha'ar Hanegev, Eshkol, Ashkelon, Sdot Hanegev, Netivot and elsewhere at a total cost of $24m., and will continue along this path for as long as is necessary, Pazner said. SUPERPHARM HAS worked out the perfect formula for marketing its own private-label products, as well as those of companies that it stocks in its chain of stores. The company's annual Beauty City exhibition and sales, which attract leading business people, celebrities and regular clientele, includes fashion shows, lectures, displays of a huge variety of merchandise and other attractions. This year at its opening at the Tel Aviv Fairgrounds, it was also pushing popcorn, but that may have been because the event included the Israeli premiere of the movie Sex and the City, the long-awaited full-feature based on the television series of the same name. THE RENUAR chain of clothing and accessory stores is expanding and is opening five new branches at an investment of more than NIS 7.5m. The expansion plan calls for the opening of two Renuar concept stores and three fashion stores. The concept stores will be located in the new Azrieli Mall in Modi'in and in the Givatayim Mall. Renuar will also expand existing stores in the Azrieli Malls in Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. CANIT, THE company owned by real estate entrepreneur and developer David Azrieli, has won the Holon Municipality tender for a hi-tech industrial park to be built on an area of 34 dunams on land belonging to the municipality. Construction of the industrial park will be a long-term project, with building costs estimated in the range of $180m.