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The ultimate temptation of cream and chocolate - in other words Milky - has found a new plot and a new heroine.

milky biz 88 298 (photo credit: Courtesy )
milky biz 88 298
(photo credit: Courtesy )
THE ULTIMATE temptation of cream and chocolate - in other words Milky - has found a new plot and a new heroine. The smooth dessert manufactured by Strauss continues to be presented as an edible treasure that should never be left alone lest someone take it. The current star is Hila Nachshon as Agent Blonde, who rescues Milky - just in time. Produced by Reuveni Pridan IPG, the Hollywood-style commercial can be seen on Channels 2 and 10 and on the Internet., where it was placed by Next In. PRIGAT, THE producer of clear, fresh fruit juices has put up what is believed to be the largest single product billboard in Israel. Measuring 8.5 meters by 7.5 meters the billboard includes 1,000 mug shots of Internet surfers from all over Israel. The billboard is part of a NIS 3.5 million marketing campaign for Prigat's latest product known in Hebrew as Prigat Tsalul, under the slogan "the freshest fruit there is." The billboard prepared by JWT, has gone up on Tel Aviv's Sheinkin Street at a cost of NIS 500,000. Because Sheinkin has a reputation as being a trendy street, a billboard of this size promoting a new drink endorsed by so many people is bound to arouse attention. BILLBOARDS, OR better still murals, are obviously the way to go. Royalty, the well-known jewelry company, believes that not only diamonds are a girl's best friend, but many other precious stones as well, and has commissioned model and actress Miri Bohadana (who seems to have become sexier with motherhood) to promote their products. Royalty has rented space for three murals featuring Bohadana and the company's new summer collection for a total cost of NIS 700,000. SOME COMPANIES come up with new slogans for every marketing campaign. But Avis, regardless of the campaign, continues to stick with its time-honored slogan "We try harder." Apparently it works, because the expression is part of the global psyche. Under the current campaign, Avis is giving every visitor to Israel who hires an Avis car during the summer, a series of bonuses that include a book of coupons offering discounts to 42 different attractions in the country. Anyone who makes use of the booklet to buy a ticket to one of these attractions will receive a second ticket free of charge, which works out to be quite a boon to couples or families who want to go to places such as Mini Israel, the Time Elevator, Luna Gal, the Golan Heights Winery, the Haifa Science Museum, rafting on the Jordan River, IMAX in Eilat or the Tiberias Hot Springs to name but a few. AMERICA'S CASUAL luxury brand of clothes, Abercrombie, will soon be available in Israel. The newly accessible brand name is part of the attraction of a new outlet mall to be opened in mid-August at the Glilot Intersection and will be one of several overseas brands that so far have not been readily available in Israel, alongside international brands that are known for their quality. Prices at the outlet mall will be much more attractive than at regular stores. The new mall is a project of Mega Sport, which is part of the Fishman Group. THE YOU credit card this week comes out with a new NIS 3 million campaign, aimed at attracting new customers. Starring popular actress Yona Elian, who has been the presenter of previous campaigns, this one produced by the Sheetrit Media Group and invites you to make room in your purse because it's worth it. The incentive for subscribing to You is a 15 percent discount on all goods made with the first purchase. So if you happen to be in a Mega or Super Center store, you can fill your shopping cart not only to the brim, but way over the top, with all kinds of goodies knowing that you will get a 15% discount on the total amount. ACTRESS AND comedienne Riki Blich has been chosen to head the campaign for Telma's new breakfast food Bioflakes The NIS 3m. marketing campaign will be featured on television and on the Internet under the slogan "It's time to take your stomach off your head." In addition to Channels 2, 24 and 10, the campaign will be featured on Channel 8, the Russian language channel.