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The BEBE fashion brand-name is spreading its wings in Israel and opening a flagship store in Jerusalem's Mamilla Mall.

bebe 88 224 (photo credit: Courtesy)
bebe 88 224
(photo credit: Courtesy)
MOST OF us go shopping in supermarkets in a routine manner without any truly adventurous intent. We buy the same products over and over again, occasionally introducing something new because we've eaten it in someone else's home, or because we tasted it in the supermarket's promotional campaign or because the packaging was so attractive that it caught our eye. Even those people whose shopping trolleys are filled to overflowing on Thursdays or Fridays probably give little thought to the actual number of products available at supermarkets. Eden Teva Market, which claims to be the largest health-food store in the Middle East, has more than 14,000 products in each of its two stores and deals with 430 suppliers. As an example of choices available to customers, there are 120 different cheeses, 30 kinds of granola, 125 dried fruit options, 200 spices and 10 varieties of rice. Eden Teva Market is fast developing into a chain, and has recently concluded contractual arrangements for three new branches in Rishon Lezion, Haifa and Kfar Saba. The strategic plan is for the chain to have nine branches by the end of 2009, according to Eden Teva Market founder and CEO Guy Provisor, who owns a 49 percent stake in the enterprise and is partnered with Blue Square, which owns 51% of the shares. The Rishon Lezion and Haifa stores are scheduled to open in June and July, respectively, and the Kfar Saba store will open in June 2009, he said. The initial investment for the three new stores will be NIS 50 million. ACTRESS, SINGER and model Anat Atzmon has to spend a lot of time on her feet. Among other things, that's what you usually do on stage. Many actresses, singers and dancers complain of sore feet. But Atzmon, who has been the presenter for Lady Comfort footwear for several seasons now, is well aware that the promise in the brand name is reflected in the sole, and has signed up for another season as the Lady Comfort model. BEBE, THE American-headquartered, internationally-distributed fashion brand-name, is spreading its wings in Israel and opening a flagship store in Jerusalem's Mamilla Mall. This will be the third Bebe store in Israel. It will be modeled along the lines of the Bebe Beverly Hills concept store. Sakal Sport, which has the Bebe franchise in Israel, currently operates Bebe stores in the Ramat Aviv Mall and in Herzliya's Orna Mall. The new store will cover an area of 200 square meters. Shai Markson who manages the Bebe trademark in Israel, anticipates that the turnover from the new store in its first year of operation will be about NIS 6.5m. STARTING THIS week, Israel Hayom, the free tabloid that belongs to casino king Sheldon Adelson, will be distributed in all of the country's railway stations. A contract to this effect has been signed between the publication and Israel Railways. Negotiations between the two sides began after Israeli, the free tabloid initiated by Shlomo Ben-Zvi, ceased publication. Israel Railways is also negotiating with Yediot Aharonot for distribution of 24 Minutes, a Yediot freebee that is currently being distributed outside of railways stations, and not on the platforms or anywhere else within the stations. STAMP COLLECTING, which used to be a popular childhood hobby that was often continued on a more serious and expensive scale in adult life, has been largely replaced by hobbies of a more technological nature. Israel Philatelic Services is keen to rekindle interest and has engaged the G. Kid&Young advertising agency to come up with a campaign that will help to renew curiosity in the art, history, geography and value of stamps.