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Plastikshuk is two-day cultural happening featuring the creations of 50 young designers.

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pretty girl 88 224
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A GROWING trend in Israeli shopping malls is the establishment of brand-name arcades, as distinct from designer arcades, which have decidedly more class. Among the malls that have recently subscribed to the trend is the Lev Hadera Mall, which has opened a brand-name fashion arcade at an investment of NIS 10 million. Lev Hadera is affiliated with the Israel Malls Group. The arcade features leading Israeli and international brand names in male and female apparel. According to Lev Hadera CEO Nir Barkan, the opening of the arcade is in line with the mall's expansion and innovation policy. MAKING A second-season splash for Glick swimwear and beachwear is model Miri Levi, whose contract includes posing for Glick's catalogue, daily press and magazine advertisements, billboards and the Internet. The overall cost of the campaign is NIS 500,000. How much of this will be transferred to Levi has not been disclosed. But what she may not get in direct cash, she got in travel. Location shots were taken in the Caribbean Isles, New York and Alaska, and there are more locations in the pipeline. According to Glick marketing manager Livnat Sapir, after a first successful season, it was only natural that the company would continue working with Levi, who personifies all things Israeli, which is the image that Glick wants to convey to its target market. In addition to its export markets, Glick runs eight stores in Israel and is the exclusive importer for international swimwear brands Zeki, Banana Moon and Sunseaker. CHEAP IMPORTS from China and India have cast a deep dent in Israel's fashion industry, but that does not stop young, would-be designers from enrolling at Shenkar or from setting up their own small businesses after graduation - or sometimes even before. Some of these young designers quickly develop a following, because in doing their own thing - and not having to follow company policy - they can be as creative and innovative as they like. Recognition does not always come easily, which is why several young designer fairs have sprung up around the country to give these young talents the exposure they need, plus the sense of whether they're going in the right direction. One of these fairs is Plastikshuk, which translates into English as Plastic Market. It is the brainchild of Yael Orenstein and Ronen Cohen, and is a sort of two-day cultural happening featuring the creations of 50 young designers who will be showing clothing, jewelry, accessories, et al. There also will be food and entertainment. A lot of the designs will be off-the-wall and geared to individualists who don't mind falling into a punk category, but want to stand out from the crowd. Admission is a symbolic NIS 5 - which almost everyone can afford, but which demonstrates consideration for those whose finances are at a low ebb. The event will be held on February 29 from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on March 1 from 2 p.m. to 11 p.m. at Tel Aviv's Messi Club, 10 Hasharon Street. NOT SO long ago, she was considered to be an international supermodel. Her face graced the covers of the glossiest and most important of fashion publications. Professionally she was known as Vic, although her real name is Nina Brosh. Born in Israel to a Chinese mother and a Russian father, she has an intriguing, not quite oriental face, which fascinated fashion photographers and haute couture designers. She was a "teenage runaway" and her career was launched when a fashion photographer found her sleeping on a park bench. Tired of the bright lights of Europe and America, she came home to start a family, and decided to work when it suited her. Last year, she accepted an offer from Jump, replacing actress Michal Yanai, who had been the presenter for Jump before Vic arrived on the scene. Jump is paying Vic $40,000 for the encore. Company CEO Lily Eylon said Jump chose Vic because she is one of the most beautiful women in Israel, and because she exudes a sense of international luxury, quality and sophistication, which is what Jump wants to convey. Jump has 58 branches throughout Israel. ANOTHER SUPERMODEL, Liraz Dror, has also been engaged for a second season. She will once again be the presenter for Twentyfourseven, a young dynamic company founded last year by Eli Berkowitz along with Renuar managers Yossi Brosh and Serge Deri. In a short period of time, they've set up 11 branches and plan to have 25 by the end of 2008. Ron Kahn, chief designer for Twentyfourseven, said the Summer 2008 campaign will reflect the brand name of the company; it will be a typical "American Road Show" project featuring three friends traveling from dawn until late at night in a 1960s van. The campaign will focus not only on their clothes but also on their adventures. FOLLOWING THE success of its previous end-of-season sales campaign, Rikushet, the clothing and outdoor activities supply store, is investing NIS 500,000 in another end-of-season sales campaign. Over the past year Rikushet expanded its fashion and hikers operations to the tune of NIS 4m. DUTY FREE store James Richardson believes that the future is dictated by the past. Inspired by the now defunct singing trio Chocolate Menta Mastik - whose individual members Leah Luftin, Yardena Arazi and Nitza Holtzman continue to perform as solo artists, occasionally coming together for specials - James Richardson has just completed the shoot for a marketing campaign featuring Gala Kogan, Hadar Azar and Ya'ara Benvenisti in the CMM roles. Kogan starred in the telenovela Dolls.