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Sudoku, a game published in most local newspapers, has gained tremendous popularity among adults and kids alike.

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bathroom 298.88
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If you or your student child needs a new desk chair, you can now make sure it matches the rest of your furniture. Tzora is giving consumers the option of picking out the fabric when you purchase one of their chairs at Office Depot. The option adds NIS 50-NIS 100 to the price. I ordered one turquoise and one lavender upholstered chair for my own girls, as the finishing touch to their blue and purple-pink rooms; now I can only hope the chairs will last until they go to college. Prices vary according to the model: the Torino chair, for example, costs NIS 449; the Yuval model is NIS 599; and the Lorenzo goes for NIS 999. Delivery takes about three weeks and costs NIS 60. A new cream to prevent diaper rash is Hapele Vepele, containing natural ingredients such as propolis, fish oil and tea tree oil. This also supposedly protects against yeast infections. The cream is very concentrated; you only need to apply a thin layer on your baby's tush. You can get Hapele Vepele diaper rash cream at selected pharmacies and health food stores for NIS 42. Soccer fans can now express support for their favorite club by painting their faces with the club's colors, using paint especially designed for that purpose. Tambour has packages of face paint in different color schemes, such as blue and white, red and white, yellow and blue, yellow and black, etc. The water-based paints are made for Tambour by the cosmetics company Gigi; two tubes, available in the Home Center and Mega Sport stores, cost NIS 24.90. Post-it has many handy little items to help you get organized, especially when you need to study lots of material and want to be able to find what you marked as important. New is the highlighter pen that contains little "flags" that you can use to mark a page; this way, you can highlight a section of text on a certain page, and then insert a little flag that sticks out so you can find the relevant page later. This Flag Highlighter is NIS 20, and you can find it in the Office Depot, Kravitz, or stationary stores. Sudoku, a game published in most local newspapers, has gained tremendous popularity among adults and kids alike. Now there are some Sudoku books especially for children, including younger ones. Palphoto's book Sodu-Kids is suitable for children from as young as four, and has games that use colors, geometric shapes, icons and letters, in addition to the regular number schemes. The price for this book, available in stationary stores, is NIS 34. Other Sudoku games for kids can be found in the Dragon Ball GT and Yu-Gi-Oh Sudoku magazines published by P.M.I. You can get these in supermarkets, toy stores and stationery outlets; the price is NIS 16.90. If you want to give your pet a treat - for example, when training him to sit or walk alongside you - but are afraid he will put on too much weight, you can choose Veterinary Select treats for dogs, with chicken and rice. These treats are low in calories and in certain salts (magnesium, phosphorus, and sodium), and so are suitable for dogs that have a tendency to gain weight. They're also good for dogs that have kidney, pancreas or urinary tract problems. A 900 gr. jar is NIS 100; you can find Veterinary Select at pet stores. Certain portable electric appliances, such as cameras, CD and MP3 players or walkie-talkies require a lot of energy, so you may have to replace their batteries frequently. Energizer has developed an Ultra Compact Charger that's especially suitable for traveling, and which can recharge AA and AAA batteries. This travel-size device comes with thye high-power NiMH-batteries recommended for high-drain devices; it also has a built-in transformer so it can be used here or in the US. The price for this charger, available in photo stores, toy stores and electronic outlets, is NIS 170. The Even transparent glass sink sold at the Negev stores has a built-in aquarium. This is an exotic-looking sink that will certainly transform your bathroom into one of the most popular rooms in the house; your children will brush their teeth eagerly. The aquarium is equipped with gravel, plants, a pump and a light. You can get a single or double sink/fish tank; a single is NIS 15,360. Those who like to play chess can now add some yiddishkeit to the game. In Jewsh Chess, all the pieces have Jewish symbols such as a menora, a Star of David, two stone tablets or a hamsa, and you won't see a king, queen or rook anymore. The sides of the pieces are made to look like they're covered with Jerusalem stone, and the board is made of marble. You can get this game in Ramat Aviv by calling (03) 643-8421, or through the Internet at; the price is NIS 490, or NIS 520 including delivery, until the end of the year (after this date it will be NIS 800). If you want a clean feeling in your mouth as well as fresh breath, it's important to brush your tongue as well, since bacteria accumulate here. Colgate has come up with a new toothbrush that has a tongue cleaner at the back side of the brush; the tongue cleaner will also clean your cheeks while you're brushing. The Colgate 360 Whole Mouth toothbrush is NIS 26. When you're traveling by plane, it's very handy to have a suitcase that is easily recognizable, instead of the same black variety as everyone else. Samsonite is selling suitcases in the Flight series, decorated with a picture of a popular tattoo in a light blue on a dark blue background. As a finishing touch, you will also see the tattoo pattern on the inside. The Flight suitcases are light, have a combination lock, and an inside compartment for suits. Prices start at NIS 1,300. If you're daring enough to color your own hair, you can take advantage of a deal offered by Wella's Decor. If you buy one of the Decor kits, for example one of the Fascinating Browns that are apparently trendy this winter, you can get a Pantene Pro-V repair & protect hair mask for only NIS 5 instead of NIS 23. The Decor hair coloring kits are NIS 42, and the deal is valid until the end of November. If you buy a digital camera now at Office Depot, you'll get a portable Lexmark printer, model P315, for only NIS 99 (instead of NIS 899). The little printer comes with a full cartridge of colored ink, and some small sheets of photo paper, enabling you to print out your pictures by connecting a cable from your camera to the printer, or by using a memory card. The printer has a handle for easy transportation, and an LCD-screen so you can view pictures before printing them. The deal is valid until the end of the month. During the winter months, we don't eat as much ice cream, but if you feel like having a cold treat, try Moritz Eiskonfekt chocolate ice candies. Each comes individually wrapped in colorful paper; you should keep the candies refrigerated. Until the end of November, two packs of Moritz Eiskonfekt are sold for NIS 12 instead of NIS 16.