Start planning for Pessah

With Pessah approaching, many of us are preparing to clean out every corner in the house. Some new cleaning materials can make life a little easier.

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pessah plate 88
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THE LAUNDRY detergent Ariel is celebrating its 10th anniversary in Israel by offering a free detergent storage box with every purchase of a 1.25 kilo-package. You can pour the powder inside the box, which comes with a handle for easy transportation and an opening on the side for exact dosage. The deal is valid until April 12 (the start of the Pessah holiday), or as long as supplies last. THOSE WHO want to apply a coat of fresh paint before Pessah might be glad to know that Tambour now has some more environmentally friendly paints for metal and wood. The new Poliur paint for wood and metal, and the base coat for metal surfaces are water-based, and can be diluted with water instead of turpentine. The paint is, therefore, especially suitable to for use in children's rooms. The Poliur paint is available in 0.75 to 4.5 liter containers at prices ranging from NIS 75 to NIS 280. The paint can be mixed with the available shades of the Tambourmix. IF YOU'RE a local hoops fan you now have a chance to become the owner of a Maccabi Tel Aviv autographed basketball. All you have to do is eat a lot of Elite Cheetos snacks and take the empty wrappings to a Mega Sport store. In exchange for seven wrappings of Cheetos of 30 gr. and up, you'll get a ball for free. The Cheetos snacks packages are recognizable by the yellow-and-blue team colors of Maccabi Tel Aviv and player photos. The deal will run until the end of May, or as long as supplies last. IF YOUR sporting preference lies with soccer and you're interested in the Mondial (World Cup) championship, you might want to buy some Heineken beer. On each six-pack you will find a sticker with a special identification number, allowing you to participate in a trivia game. Those who answer a number of questions about soccer in the shortest amount of time will win the big price: A flight to Paris and tickets to this summer's finals. The deal runs until the end of the month. DURING THE month of March, Kellogg's is offering a special deal in honor of International Women's Day, which was observed March 8. If you buy a box of Kellogg's Special K breakfast cereal, you can get an Almay mascara for only NIS 10. The deal is valid in the Coop Blue Square supermarkets (Super Center and Mega) until the end of the month. All Almay make-up products and creams, suitable for people with sensitive skin, are sold at 30% off during this month. Almay products can be found at Mashbir Hahadash, Mashbir Ofna, New Pharm, pharmacies inside the Mega supermarkets and other selected drugstores. IF YOU'RE planning to go away for a Pessah holiday and need some new suitcases, take advantage of a deal from the Tik Hatikim stores (with branches in Tel Aviv, Rehovot, Petah Tikva, Ashdod and Beesheba), which now offer a reduction of up to 40 percent on their suitcases. The suitcases have silicon wheels, are made from polyester fabric and come with a two-year guarantee. The deal is valid until the end of April. With Pessah approaching, many of us are preparing to clean out every corner in the house. Some new cleaning materials can make life a little easier. Ajax Professional Double Power is a strong cleaning liquid that cleans nasty stains caused by grease, lime deposits, and rust. The Ajax Professional comes in a handy spray flacon. A 750 ml. bottle costs NIS 25. SOMAT5 ARE good cleaning tablets for the dishwasher, and if you need some more wine glasses for your Pessah dishes, you can take advantage of a deal offered by this brand. The packages of 30 dishwasher tablets now come with two wine glasses for free. A package of 30 Somat5 tablets is NIS 45, and the deal lasts until Pessah, or until supplies last. TIROSH GRAPE juice is good for kids and those who simply prefer juice to wine during the seder. If you buy three bottles of Carmel wine, Brandy, Sabra, or grape juice, you will receive a 750 ml. bottle of Tirosh for free. The bottle being given away is a special holiday edition of Tirosh. The deal lasts until April 12 - the Seder night. IF YOU'RE still thinking of going away on a ski vacation, or any vacation in a colder climate, you'll need to be prepared and have the right thermal underwear and socks to protect you from the cold. SFP (which stands for Soldiers For Peace, but is in fact a sportswear business) has ski and thermal socks with so-called Thermolite fibers that will keep your feet very warm, without making them sweaty. The socks also supposedly protect against bacteria and fungus. Thermal socks, good for soldiers, hikers, or anyone who suffers from cold feet, are NIS 55 a pair,and the ski socks are NIS 65. SFP socks are available in HaMashbir Hahadash, H&O, Mega Sport, Ricochet and other hiking supplies stores. LILY HAS new toilet paper with aloe vera, for extra soft touch, with its trademark puppy printed on it in green. This toilet paper also has a nice scent, something that's a plus for those of us who use toilet paper in lieu of tissue paper, as well. Thanks to the aloe vera, the paper is soft to the touch, even if it doesn't have any of the healing qualities ascribed to this plant. A 32-roll package of Lily with aloe vera, recognizable by the green leaves printed on the wrapping, is NIS 41.90-43.90. NINE MONTHS makes a funny bib, with cute pictures of Winnie the Pooh and his friends, and with two silicone weights at the bottom that a teething baby can chew on, so it serves two purposes. The bibs are made out of soft cloth, and can easily be washed. The price of one bib, available at selected toy stores and baby stores, is NIS 14.90. ORGON MAKES a new type of roller blinds, called Sunstrip, that look somewhat like alternating big slots of Venetian blinds and see-through stripes, all made out of fabric, creating the image of a pedestrian crosswalk. You can adjust the level of shade you want: or see-through, or an all-closed blind; the Sunstrip is NIS 400 per meter. To find out where you can get Orgon blinds near you, call 1-800-515-151. IF YOU'RE bold enough to color your own hair, something that can certainly save you a lot of money, check out the current Garnier offer. When you buy two packages of Garnier Color coloring cream, you can get a Garnier Fresh facial cream for just NIS 15, instead of NIS 90. The Garnier hair creams contain olive oil and other natural ingredients; the deal is valid until March 22.