What's in Store: Listen to 'Festigal'

Those who like Mentos can now enjoy a special deal wherein you buy a package containing two Mentos boxes, along with a house-phone shaped like a Mentos box for just NIS 19.95.

mentos phone 88 (photo credit: )
mentos phone 88
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With Hanukka approaching, preparations for the "Festigal" and other shows featuring all the stars of the moment are in full swing, and your kids will likely beg you to dish out money for expensive tickets. At least you can get a CD of this year's Festigal for free when buying two packages of Telma's morning cereals. The cereals participating in this deal are Shugi, Ugi, and Cocoman; the deal lasts until the end of the month, or as long as supplies last. What to do if you get a brilliant idea while driving - or if you just remember you have to buy something and don't want to forget it? 3M now has little yellow Post-It notes in a dispenser you can attach to your windshield shade. So now you can write down directions or a phone number you see on a billboard, for example while in the car, and stick it wherever you want. The automobile Post-It notes are sold at Office Depot, Kravitz, and other stationery stores for NIS 20. If your kids like to cook, and want to learn more recipes, the DVD Cooking is Cool (in Hebrew) starring Hanna Laslo might be a nice gift. The DVD demonstrates how to make relatively simple dishes, and is illustrated with songs and dances. You can get one for only NIS 15 at the Coop Blue Square and Mega stores when buying five Osem products (pasta, cookies, etc.). The deal lasts until the end of the month. Those who like Mentos - little mint or fruit-flavored candies - can now enjoy a special deal wherein you buy a package containing two Mentos boxes, along with a house-phone shaped like a Mentos box for just NIS 19.95. The telephone really works: it comes with a wire to connect it to an outlet, and when you open the box, the numbers appear. My six-year old was delighted to have this phone (though the parents of a friend whom she called at an early hour were a little less thrilled). The Mentos phone package is available at all supermarkets. If you buy one pack of Always hygienic pads, Alldays panty liners or Tampax tampons, you can enter a contest by calling a number or going to the Internet site www.IshaYafa.co.il. You will be asked to answer a question, and then have a chance to win NIS 10,000 to go on a shopping spree in one of the Sakal fashion stores (Nine West, Polo Ralf Lauren, Timberland, Keds, etc.); the deal lasts until December 22, and every day there is a new winner. In addition, if you buy two packs of Tampax at Supersal, Coop Blue Square or NewPharm, you will receive a third free. At the SuperPharm chain, you can buy two Tampax packages for NIS 45. When the weather finally turns colder and we have some real winter, a bowl of hot soup will be more appealing. ThermoPaz is giving away a book with soup recipes to those who order 300 liters or more of oil or kerosene (the price of oil is high enough anyway, so they can afford to give you something). If you own an Isracard, you can get a reduction of NIS 40 in exchange for 340 points. To order, call 1-800-277-277. Cleaning the toilet bowl is never a fun job, but Johnson's Toilet Duck is offering free rubber gloves when you buy a set of two bottles. The Vileda rubber gloves normally cost about NIS 10. You can also buy a set of three Toilet Duck gels for the special price of NIS 30; the deal lasts until the end of December. Dornat makes beautifully decorated cards that you can send to wish someone abroad a Merry Christmas or a Happy New Year. The cards are decorated with pictures of Jerusalem, a dove, Christmas trees or a map of the world, for example, and are of course all inscribed in English. The cards come with an envelope and are NIS 7-10 apiece. To save on electricity, and make the boiler heat up faster, you can have a device called the Hamam installed. This speeds up the heating process, so that the water at the top of the boiler will be heated after only 30 minutes, so the makers claim. You can order the Hamam on-line at www.water.co.il, or get it in selected stores; until December 15 the price is NIS 99. If you suffer from dandruff, you can try Axera Treatment Formula shampoo, which treats dandruff and chapped skin on the scalp. The shampoo can be used daily by adults and children, and has a Ph value of 5.5; the ingredient urea moisturizes the skin and soothes irritation. This shampoo is pricy, though: a 100 ml. bottle is NIS 69. Do you want to eat out but need a little advice on where to go? Mapa has a new guide called Restaurants 2006, supposedly written in the style of the famous Zagat guides. The Mapa guide reviews 400 restaurants, from simple felafel stands to gourmet eateries. In addition to the recommendations of the Mapa staff, the guide also includes commentary by readers, who can offer their own comment on the Web site www.mapa.co.il, or send in the pre-addressed cards included in the book. The price of the guide is NIS 59, and this gives you a two-month subscription to the Mapa site as well. If you buy two two-liter bottles of Prigat freshly squeezed juice (orange juice, lemonade), you will receive a free pair of brightly striped socks with toes. The deal is valid until the end of the month at Supersal and Coop Blue Square supermarkets. Pampers is launching a new Web site in Israel, www.pampers.co.il, where you can find advice on many topics dealing with babies, such as sleep patterns, health and food. You will also find a link to www.songy.co.il, where you can type in the name of your child, and a free disk of children's songs, called Songy, will be sent to you. The songs, sung by Liat Ahiron, will incorporate the name of the child if you type in his or her name on the Web site. During the winter months your skin can get very dry, and to treat this problem, Balneum Herbal F bath oil can be a good solution. This oil won't dry out your skin; in fact, it will moisturize it beautifully. At the end of a shower, you rub in the oil while the skin is still wet, and then pat yourself dry. After this, you won't need a body lotion. Balneum Herbal F is NIS 46.30 for a 200 ml. bottle, and NIS 83.65 for a 400 ml. bottle.