What's in Store: Sending Israeli-made gifts

The rise of DVDs and digital taping mean that videotape players might soon go the way of 8-tracks and record players.

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DHL and Fedex are giving you a chance to send Israeli-made presents to family, friends or business connections in time for Hanukka, Christmas or New Year. The prices at DHL vary from $9.90 to $49.90, including delivery; the products offered are wine, Dead Sea cosmetics, hamsot (Sephardic good-luck charms) and other decorative items. Fedex offers coffee table books about Israel or Jerusalem, traditional Jewish blessings for the home or business, business card holders, Max Brenner chocolates, Ahava cosmetics, etc. For more information, go to www.newyeargifts.co.il; prices listed do not include the cost of sending the items to the destination. UPS also has gifts such as chocolates, olive oil, wine, cosmetics or books about Israel; to order or get a catalogue, call (03) 577-0110. The Coffee Bean chain has a new latte flavor that will warm you up on cold winter days - the white-chocolate latte. The drink has been judged favorably by those who tasted it, and you can order one with low-fat milk or soy milk. Besides the white-chocolate latte, the Coffee Bean chain has seven other flavors; the price for a cup is NIS 16-18, depending on size. Sano 5now makes toilet cleaners with some interesting new fragrances: apple-kiwi, lemon-eucalyptus-mint, and citrus flowers-orange. The Sanobon toilet cleaner, with active oxygen, descales and whitens while it cleans the bowl, and can also be used to clean faucets and other stainless steel surfaces, sinks and ceramic tiles. The price for a bottle is NIS 16. Lander baby products, known in the States, are now available in Israel. The products you can get here are diaper rash ointment and baby oil. The baby oil is vitamin E enriched, and can be rubbed directly onto wet skin after a bath, for example. Lander diaper ointment is NIS 17.90 for a 56 gr. tube, and the baby oil is NIS 15.90 for 414 ml. Pacifiers made by Tulips come decorated with cute little pictures of bears, bees, etc., but besides being cute, they also supposedly help soothe a baby who is teething. The base of the pacifier has small protrusions that rub on the baby's gums while he or she is sucking. The orthodontic pacifier is made of silicon; the Tulips Air System pacifiers are sold in packages of two for NIS 24.90. Head and Shoulders shampoo, good for people who suffer from dandruff, is now out in a green-tea extract version. The green tea is supposed to give hair back the shine that was lost because of pollution, dust, moisture, smoke, etc. A 400 ml. bottle is NIS 25, and 750 ml. is NIS 40. The new Yes or No Professional pregnancy test is revolutionary in the sense that it can tell if a woman is pregnant from four to six days before she is late for her menstrual cycle. All pregnancy tests work by detecting HCG hormone in the subject's urine; Yes or No claims it can detect it at a very low leve. The Yes or No Professional test is available in pharmacies for NIS 37. When your baby or toddler has a cold and a runny, sore nose, you can try to ease the discomfort by rubbing on some Nose Ease herbal oil made by Moraz. Nose Ease contains essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint and hyssop. The hyssop and mint have antibacterial qualities, and the eucalyptus is supposed to disinfect and reduce fever. Nose Ease can be used by adults as well; a 14 ml. bottle is NIS 39.90. The o.b. tampons are now also available with an applicator. According to the makers, most women (60%) prefer a tampon without an applicator. The tampons with applicator come in normal and super versions, and cost NIS 26-NIS 32. The rise of DVDs and digital taping mean that videotape players might soon go the way of 8-tracks and record players. To avoid being stuck with video cassettes and no player, Philips has come up with a machine that converts videos to DVDs. The 16STK-DVDR burner can be installed in your computer; to burn video onto a DVD you will have to connect your video machine or camera to a USB port of the computer. So if you want to be able to watch your wedding videos, or videos of other important events in the future, this sounds like an interesting idea. The Philips 16STK-DVDR burner is available at Supersal for NIS 799. Hawaii shampoos and conditioners have three new additions for specific hair types. The new varieties are shampoo for fine or gentle hair, conditioner for fine or gentle hair, and a shampoo and conditioner in one for dry or curly hair. As with other Hawaii products, these shampoos and conditioners are affordable: a 700 ml. bottle is NIS 12. For kids who like to watch the HOP channel, P.M.I. has come up with a memory game featuring well-known characters from certain shows. The game contains 44 cards featuring Dudidu (from Daphna and Dudidu), hakuntsonim, the kite, Alik ve-Balik, etc. This game for preschoolers is available at Toys "R" Us or Happening, among others, for NIS 49.90. Coloring your own hair can certainly save a lot of money, and now Wella offers a deal that will save you even more. If you buy two Wella hair-coloring kits, you receive a third for free; this deal lasts until the end of December. The participating kits are Koleston, Viva, Decor , and Soft Color; prices vary from NIS 25 to NIS 42. Being lazy and ordering in a pizza is now more attractive if you order from the Domino's Pizza chain. Until the end of December, you will get an order of chicken wings for NIS 9.90 instead of NIS 19.90 with your order of a family-size pizza with two toppings or a pizza from the special menu. If you buy a family-size pizza or giant pie, you get a second one (family-sized) for NIS 19.90. Are you fed up with your wife screaming every time she sees a cockroach in the kitchen? Well, my husband certainly is, and the Penelope gift store in Moshav Ein Vered claims it has the answer - a cockroach-shaped holder, decorated with jewel-like stones, to store sweetener for coffee or tea. This is supposed to help jukophobics like me get over our fear by getting us used to the sight of a cockroach in the kitchen! All I can say is thank God I don't take sweetener in my drinks! The roach-shaped holder is NIS 86.