WHAT'S IN STORE: Succot sundries

With Succot just a short time away, it is fitting to begin preparations.

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With Succot just a short time away, it is fitting to begin preparations. If you want to explain the meaning of the holiday and its symbols to a young child, you can read him/her the cute story entitled Shimele and the Magic Garden (in Hebrew), written by Yosef Schnaider. The book tells the story of how Shimele, his father and grandfather build a succa, and their search for the "four species" of fruit and vegetation indigenous to the country. The story also comes as a DVD or coloring book (the book is NIS 29.90, and the coloring book NIS 10); you can get the Shimele books in selected toy stores, or through the internet at www.icshop.co.il. If you are planning a trip during succot, the Mapa books always contain plenty of ideas and information, which are presented in a clear, concise way. A new book is The Graves of the Tzadikkim in Israel (in Hebrew), which features an introduction explaining why it is customary to visit the graves of tzadikkim (righteous men), and narrates 53 trips to different graves. Every trip gives a description of the lives of the tzadikkim, and a map and explanation about how to get to their graves. The book doesn't only talk about people who lived a long time ago, but also describes graves of modern-day people such as late prime minister Yitzhak Rabin and singer Naomi Shemer; the price of the guide is NIS 79. Another idea for the holiday is to go on a wine tour, and visit some of the many wineries Israel has to boast. If you want to find out about the quality of the wine you would like to purchase, the book Rogov's Guide to Israeli Wines by Daniel Rogov can be of great help. The book describes 140 wineries, rating each winery and the individual wines, and offers advice for which wines to store and which to drink now. The guide is available in Steimatzky, Derech Hayayin, and the better wine stores for NIS 99. If you go on a long plane trip during the holiday and have trouble falling asleep on the plane, or suffer from jet lag, the Songha Night tablets might be a solution. Songha Night are natural, herb-based tablets containing valerian and melissa extracts that help you calm down and enjoy a good night's sleep. These pills supposedly have no side effects, and are not addictive; a package containing 30 tablets is NIS 62.50. On Yom Kippur the streets belong to kids (and adults) riding bikes or gliding on rollerblades. Several stores offer some kind of deal on this merchandise at the moment. At the Rosen and Meents bicycle stores, you will receive a Top lock, a Bolt light, a Bolt pump, and a bottle holder for free (all together worth NIS 94) when purchasing a Los Angeles Vision mountain bicycle, sold at NIS 589. At the Toys 'R' Us stores, this year for the first time 26-inch mountain bikes for adults, with an aluminum frame, are sold for NIS 700. And at the Kfar Hasha'ashuim stores you can find 16-inch BMX mountain bikes for kids for only NIS 199.90, or the 24-inch mountain bikes, suitable for bigger kids, for only NIS 299.90. For those of you who enjoy eating dates, a seasonal favorite, Hatser Kinneret has a special sweet offer. If you buy a 900 gr. jar of Silan date syrup for NIS 16, you will receive a jar of date jam for free; this deal lasts until the end of October. Taking a short trip? Gilette now offers disposable razor blades. The Gilette Blue II Excel razors for men have self-adjusting blades, allowing for a smooth shave. The price for a package of four disposable razors is NIS 19.38. If you feel like buying some pretty lingerie, the WomenOnly stores have a sparkly deal for you right now. If you spend NIS 499 or more on lingerie, you will receive a gold or silver-colored powder from the Laline stores for free. The powder, worth NIS 60, can be sprinkled on a d collet , neck, hands, or face. The WomenOnly stores specialize in bras for women with cup C and up. When eating all that delicious food during the holidays, it's easy to gain a few extra kilos. If you plan to go on a diet after the holidays, you can take a dietary supplement that supposedly gives you extra energy while dieting. Vitalife 2000 contains vitamins, minerals, and herbs that help you lose weight and boosts energy, such as calcium, green tea, and caffeine; a jar containing 20 tablets is NIS 79, 60 tablets are NIS 219, and 90 tablets are NIS 310. You can now try your luck with a fortune cookie when buying a Colgate or Palmolive product in one of the Super-Pharm stores. With the purchase of two Colgate or Palmolive products, you will receive a fortune cookie containing a voucher for a window cleaner, dishwashing liquid, toothpaste, or a toothbrush each cookie contains a price. The deal lasts until October 10. Fa has a new series of deodorants, among others the Fa Balsam roll-on or stick deodorant that promises to calm the skin after shaving. The three new varieties in spray form are Fa Sensual, Fa So Sunny, and Fa Stress Active for men. A deodorant spray is NIS 14, a stick is NIS 17, and a roll-on deodorant is NIS 15. The Maccabi Health Fund is now selling their own brand of over-the-counter medicines and vitamins called Maccabi Care. At the initial stage, vitamins are being sold at the Maccabi clinics and certain pharmacies, and at a later stage, OTC medicines and medical items such as a blood pressure meter or a thermometer will be available. A jar of 120 sublingual vitamin B12 tablets is NIS 69.90, a jar of 30 vitamin C tablets is NIS 11.85, and 20 tablets of vitamin Power B is NIS 19.80. The Molett toilet paper has been upgraded and now comes decorated with cute little red hearts. The paper is supposedly softer and whiter, in part an effort to cater to the consumer that is particularly attentive to design detail in the house, even when it comes to the restroom. Besides the toilet paper with the hearts, you can find plain white paper, or paper in pastel colors. A 40-roll package is NIS 37.90, and until the end of the month, you will receive an additional eight rolls for free. If you're planning on buying an exclusive Rosi res oven and cooking range, you will at least enjoy one night when you won't have to do the cooking Everyone who buys these two products will be treated to dinner prepared by a chef the consumer's house. The chef will bring all the ingredients and prepare a meal for 12 people; the deal doesn't mention anything about washing the dishes, though. Prices for Rosi res ovens start at NIS 5,290, and prices for the cook ing range start at NIS 2,890 The deal lasts until the end the month.