Amimon makes homes truly wire-free

Six of world's leading tech companies rally together under new consortium to bring Israeli technology to homes everywhere.

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amimon 88
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Amimon, an Israeli company, has developed a chipset solution set to make American homes truly wire-free. Six of the world's leading technology companies have rallied together under a new consortium - the Wireless Home Digital Interface (WHDI) - to bring the Israeli technology to homes everywhere. They include giants such as Sony, Sharp, Motorola and Hitachi, who are planning to embed Amimon's core technology in a number of products, such as HDTVs, PCs, multimedia projectors, and new game consoles. Industry experts believe that with new competition and solutions developed by companies like Amimon, the price could drop to about $10 per device within the next year or so. The company's solution is "a combination of a few things," says co-founder Prof. Meir Feder, who is also a faculty member at Tel Aviv University's School of Electrical Engineering. "It's based on the understanding that transmitting video is different than data," he tells ISRAEL21c. Feder realized, that it is possible to be less than perfect, when transmitting video data from DVDs, or the cable set-top box, wirelessly to a TV: "If some bits don't arrive properly, there may be some errors but generally with Amimon's solution the eyes won't notice it", he explains. Sharp already has an Amimon wireless chip in a TV selling in Japan, and Feder expects the technology to be available in the United States just in time for Christmas. (ISRAEL21c/