BDI declares Bezeq top service provider

Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. holds second place in Business Data Israel survey.

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Bezeq Ltd. and the Zim Integrated Shipping Services Ltd. retained the top two spots for the third consecutive year in Business Data Israel's (BDI) survey of the country's top 100 "service-sector" companies, according to results of its annual poll released Wednesday. While Zim did NIS 12.295 billion worth of sales in 2006, surpassing Bezeq's NIS 12.231b., the communications giant, with 7,670 employees, had the most workers among Israel's service-sector companies and almost 3,000 more than the shipping company. The study is based on factors such as revenue, management, financial outlooks and number of employees. According to BDI, the 100 companies on the list account for 45 percent of all service-sector business in the country. Tourist companies comprised 15% of the list, transportation companies 13% and communications companies 12%. Following Zim in the number three position is Partner Communications, which moved up one spot from last year's survey. In fourth place, is Cellcom, which also advanced one spot from its 2006 ranking. El Al, which fell two spots from last year, rounded out the top five. Exhibiting the most impressive gains were the Internet company Netvision, which climbed to the number 21 spot from 47 last year based on the strength of its acquisition of Barak Communications, and Israir, which gained 13 spots to number 30. Pelephone (six), Mifal Hapayis (seven), Ness Technologies (eight), HOT Telecommunications (nine) and Egged Bus Services (10), finished out the top 10, building on their strong showing in last year's poll. While Bezeq was ranked number one in this study, it did not fare as well in BDI's "most-admired companies" survey, released in March, in which it was ranked 48th, 25 spots lower than it was in 2006. The results of the "most-admired" survey are based on the opinions of 500 managers and CEOs who were asked to judge companies on criteria such as effective and quality leadership, financial success and performance of the company's products and services. "The most admired list includes many more companies than the service-sector poll and if one were to look at the big picture, Bezeq is still ranked in the top 50 of Israel's most admired companies," clarified Eyal Yannai, co-CEO of BDI. Additionally, he said, the service-sector poll only takes quantitative factors into account, while the 500 managers and CEOs who contribute to the most-admired list also factor in qualitative differences among companies.