Bezeq launches new phone directory

New system makes numbers from other telephone companies available to the public in one phone call.

bezeq page 88 (photo credit: )
bezeq page 88
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Bezeq has launched a new telephone information directory at the request of the Communications Ministry, making available to the public numbers from other telephone companies in one phone call. Those seeking phone numbers can now dial "1344" to find those provided by HOT, 012 Golden Lines, Globecall and the four cellular phone companies. Communications Minister Ariel Attias ordered all the phone companies, cellular and fixed line, to make their telephone databases available for the unified service, the ministry said. Attias also ordered Bezeq to make the service available free on the Internet, which has not yet been launched and which the company said would be in the offering soon. In the meantime, Bezeq on Wednesday launched its new free Web site with its own customer listings at, mirroring the 144 service Bezeq will continue to operate. The company said calls to the 24-hour 1344 phone directory will cost NIS 1.81 per call, the same cost as a call to the 144 Bezeq directory. The service comes as the Communications Ministry continues to open the market to competition two years after the privatization of Bezeq and the subsequent entry of HOT into the market. Last week, Attias gave a full license to 012 Golden Lines becoming the first company to offer fixed-line calls through the Internet on the voice over broadband technology.