Eini elected Histradut chair

The Histadrut Labor Union elected Ofer Eini as its Chairman by an overwhelming majority Thursday, thus replacing Labor Party leader Amir Peretz who served in the position for the last decade. Peretz chose Eini, who for the last year has served in the union's number two position as trade union division director, to complete his term in the position after Peretz was elected to head the Labor Party. Eini will start in his new position January 2 and remain until the beginning of January 2007 when full elections for the position will be held. "The Histadrut will continue to achieve on behalf of workers," Eini said in accepting the position. "We will continue to work to improve social conditions in Israel." Of the 200 Histadrut union members who voted, only nine or 10 went against Eini, said Histadrut spokesman Avinoam Magen.