Every third employee satisfied with job, but not salary

One-third of the working population in Israel, although satisfied with their jobs, were not satisfied with their wages last year. The social survey 2005 conducted by the Central Bureau of Statistics showed that about 48 percent were satisfied with their jobs as well as their salaries, compared with 34% who were happy with their jobs but not with their salaries. On the whole 83% of the workers were satisfied with their occupation. The statistics showed that the higher the salary and seniority levels the higher the rate of satisfaction. The survey also showed that 37.4% of the population aged 20 years and over did not participate in the work force in 2005. About half of this group were at least 55 years old, while 16% were between 20 and 24, and 35% between 25 and 54. Of those who were not in the job market 36% looked after children or did housework, out of which 4% were men. About 25% had a disability or a chronic condition, another 19% pursued academic studies - 59% of them male, who described themselves as haredim and attended a yeshiva. In terms of the Jewish working population aged 20 years and over, 95% of the secular men were in a job compared with 91% of the religious population and only 44% of the haredi community. About 83% of the secular female population participated in the job market compared with 77% of the religious community and 55% of the haredi community. The Arab population made up 11.1% of the workforce.